About Talypark

About Talypark

TalyPark, a reputable company in the construction industry, established in 2009 under PetroSazeh Estehkam Company. We operate in various sectors such as mass building of small-size apartments with hoteling services, design, supervision, construction execution, business consultation, building equipment and operation, information technology, and commerce.

Our mission is to enrich the culture of construction through value engineering, utilizing the expertise of our dynamic team, and implementing innovative projects with speed and quality using cutting-edge technologies.

Striving to create value in the construction industry, TalyPark collaborates with expert partners and investors, aiming for precise goals based on knowledge. Our goal is to offer customers a unique experience by ensuring correct implementation methods and providing building equipment and operation services.

By 2026, TalyPark envisions becoming a leading and reliable mass builder in the Middle East, driven by the philosophy of synergy and leveraging technical and engineering capabilities.

And finally, this construction group seeks to become one of the most reliable and leading mass builders in the Middle East region by 1405 (2026) with the philosophy of synergy and technical and engineering capabilities.

TalyPark Company’s Resume

Taly Park company resume

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