Taly park; fulfillment of modern dream

Modern style of living is no longer a dream. Experience your dream in a modern lifestyle with Taly Park.

Taly park; Rey

This project with a total infrastructure of 55,000 square meters is being operated in an urban area in 3 blocks of 7 floors with a size of 40 to 60 meters and 546 units with special architecture and hotel facilities and services.

Taly park;Moallem

This project with a total infrastructure of 37,000 square meters is designed as 2 blocks, on 11 floors, including 8 residential floors, 1 ground floor and 2 basement floors.

Taly park; Majidieh

This project with a total infrastructure of 34000 square meters is designed as 3 blocks, on 7 floors including 5 residential floors, one ground floor and one basement floor with parking.

Why choose us?

Hoteling services

Hoteling apartments is a suitable option for people who are constantly commuting between different cities or who want to experience the quality of life with high facilities in their apartment. In these types of apartments, you can live permanently but with the highest facilities of a 5-star hotel.

Small size units

Research in modern countries shows that many people no longer choose to live in high-rise units. The preference of these people is to live in small units but with complete facilities, so that they can experience the high quality of apartment living in units with low square footage.

Apartment hoteling services

Car wash

Providing dedicated car wash services by experienced people using the best detergents.


Kindergarten services in a beautiful and professional atmosphere with experienced and trained staff.

Luxurious hall

A luxurious hall for events and meetings of residents.


Spending free time in the restaurants in Taly Park.

Coffee shop

The possibility of meeting loved ones in the luxury coffee shops of the complex.


Receiving laundry services at the place of residence with minimal energy and cost.

Housekeeping services

The existence of a group based in the complex for house cleaning.


Providing a suitable space for working and holding official meetings.

Swimming pool

Enjoying recreational facilities such as swimming pool.


Establishing a gym for the residents of the complex.

Pre-sale of Taly Park units

Pre-purchase one of the Taly Park units right now.

Pre-sale of Taly Park units

Pre-purchase one of the Taly Park units right now.

Small size units

Due to the change in lifestyle in today’s world, as well as the rising inflation rate and the high cost of housing, the need to design and build units with a low area or in other words “small area” is felt more than ever. At Taly Park, we are looking to build units with small dimensions but with high facilities to fulfill the needs of our customers.

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